Sunday, April 14, 2013

Clothing for a cabbage patch

I've just entered the world of doll clothes!   One of my nieces has become a collector of Cabbage Patch dolls.  I have lost track of how many she has now!!

I seem to have a lot of "brilliant" ideas that sound great at the time and then remind myself that time is a limitation and I can't do everything I want to do, at least not at the same time!!  One brilliant idea I had was about making some doll clothes for my niece's dolls.  Looking for specific patterns for Cabbage Patch dolls was uneventful so I thought I would try the popular styles for 16-18" dolls.  (I always see the American Girl dolls wearing these patterns so had no idea if they would work well with a Cabbage Patch!).  Now I know they fit but maybe need a tad bit of care around the midsection as my final outcome was a bit snug around the chest.

If you are looking for great doll patterns, I am now a big fan of Patty Young's patterns called Modkid...found here (Patty's website).

And here is the new outfit...

 The bandana scarf is her original...will work on that next for her as this pattern has one very similar in the pattern.  I'm surprised at how easy this was to make.  And I used fat small projects that turn out so cute, with small amounts of fabric!!!  :)

Now on to the week ahead!!!  Enjoy and let's go sew!