Friday, December 31, 2010

Finishing more projects...

Christmas came so fast this year. It was my intention to make all of my gifts but I ran out of time as usual. I think I should start now for next year!! :) But who can really keep a special gift secret for a wholeyear?!!

This is my XO quilt for my niece...I've finally finished it...has special blocks that I designed and printed on my own printer that tell her birthdate, name, weight, etc. Riley and Oscar didn't want to leave it alone when I was trying to get pictures...

My first experience with cuddle fabric...ahhh...another niece was the lucky recipient of this super soft quilt. I loved making this one as it was easy - sew, flip, sew, flip...lucky for spray adhesive and a walking foot...and binding tutorials online for cuddle!! :)

And I made this fun stocking for a friend of mine by using the tutorial from a blog I enjoy reading: crap I've made
Well, I better get back to my ironing...!!! May you have a truly amazing new year!

More projects I've been working on soon...must take pics!! :)

I got a new sewing machine for xmas!! a dexter... it's new to me but very old!!! For Christmas every year my brother always tries to find unique gifts for me that have something to do with my hobbies. One year I got a very old gigantic camera that I have no idea what to do with...this year he gave me a dexter!

The manual has this statement at the end of it...I just laughed and laughed!!! :)