Friday, December 18, 2009

Another bag...I love this one!

Grids and Grommets by Indygo Junction...

I love this pattern. Can't wait to make one for me. This one was for my secret santa gift at work.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Wonder wallet for Jen...

I made this wallet for Jen. I like it...cute, easy, and gave me ideas of how I'll make it next time!! Each little thing I make puts a smile on my time to sew!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

A little girl's creation

My niece, age 7, asked me to make her a doll. It's taking shape...and a new experience for me, each step of the way. I've let her choose the far she's chosen the hair and the eyes! The eyes...hee hee! I love it so far. Next we'll be making clothes and attaching the headband. I've never made doll clothes before...I'm still fairly new to sewing!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Magic Nine Patch

Working on my next quilt. It's in the design wall stages...but I like it! This material is called "Arcadia" by Sanae for Moda. So fun...

Sunday, September 6, 2009

The daily bag...

In July, my friend Tami and I went on a trip to the beach. I love the beach. We spent much time taking photos and more time making bags. It was so much fun and nice to get away. And I must say I enjoy working on projects with me inspiration and makes it more fun!

Here's the result...

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My First Finished Quilt...

And so it is first quilt.
After several sewing classes and even a few on quilting, I finally took a beginner class to learn correct techniques! The pattern was for a quilt called "A Trip Around the World". I used mostly all Amy Butler fabrics (which are some of my favorite!!) and decided I'd make Angela's soon-to-be baby, Willow, a quilt.

I have heard it is tradition to give away the first quilt you make. And so...this one goes to Willow. I wrote out a few thoughts about my quilt that parallel a new baby. When thinking of the two, there are many similarities...I'm sure you could think of many!!

I love this quilt. It's a pattern I hope to use again and again...

Monday, February 9, 2009


Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness...

that's on my mind today. 

Monday, February 2, 2009


I have been reading a book called "The Raft is not the Shore" this week.  The book is a conversation between two people - a Buddhist monk and a Catholic priest (both peace activists).  They talk of the subjects of the times (published 1974) - life, death, prisoners, exile, religion, government, etc.  

The interesting part (to me) is how although this book was written over 30 yrs ago, it still fits with what is going on today and I hardly know I am reading something of the past.  

This morning I am reading on government and religion.  Here are a few points I find interesting...

"Because the tactic of power politics, of the military, is to create fear so that people are paralyzed and cannot move, cannot change, cannot unite, cannot be truthful, cannot be in command of their own existence and their community.  But if you break through this huge mirage, this myth, there is no one in the armor."...

"I think fear does two amazing things; maybe they are just aspects of one thing.  First, it creates the impression that a person is facing a god, usually a god of war or god of violence; fear makes the adversary look superhuman.  Secondly, it creates a new psyche in one's self - a very disrupted, distracted, terrorized person, the opposite of a stable, self-aware person.  Two aspects, one fear.  If one's soul is so enslaved as to bow to the god, one is already destroyed.  ...the other great weapon they have, besides fear, is hatred."

And so I continue to read, wanting more than ever to be at peace inside my own self  and with the world around me.  

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Photos and family

This afternoon I was creating a special photo book for my niece who turns 7 next week.  As I looked back over the photos from her year at age 6, I was reminded of how much fun I have had watching her grow.  A few tears came to my eyes. . .not sure why. . .but I am glad I have had this time living here and experiencing life as "aunt Holly".  

I am sad that my nieces and nephews are aging. . .why can't they just stay in that cute innocent age between 2-5?!!  You know, the time when they say the funniest things, pronounce things funny.  I'm glad I have a few things recorded!  :)
Nick used to call me "aunt Hi"
Quin and I had the "snuggy buggies" and I called him "kitty witty"  
Peyton went through a hitting phase where she hit me everytime she saw me (good thing that's over!!!)
Lexi used to call me "alla" and then "all-e", now finally "Holly".  I love her hugs where she just throws her arms around my legs and doesn't let go!  (she's still in that cute innocent age!!).

If I NEVER become a parent, I will be glad to have experienced this part of life with my family. 

As for photos, I think I can never have too many!  When I was little I used to complain when dad would take photos of us.  Now I look forward to seeing them and wish I had more.  Time to put the scanner to use and scan away!!!  

I can't wait to get this book back from being printed.  I only hope my expectations are met of quality printing!!  Guess I'll find out soon enough! 

Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Brain. . .

I am fascinated this morning by the power of the brain.  Over a year ago I heard a lady, Arlene Taylor, speak about this topic.   Today I've been checking out her website.   I'll have to look through my stuff to find the notes I took. . .very interesting.  I remember a breathing exercise she had us do - amazing what more oxygen can do for the body, especially the brain!!  Wonder how often I actually am depriving myself of feeling better by not breathing deeper.  

When I was at LLU one of my required classes was Marriage and Family.  Out of all the classes I took in college I think it is one that was the most valuable and memorable for me.  I remember a story the teacher told one day about this lady who gets home from work, notices the gate is open to her apartment complex, has one of her grocery bags break and food falls out everywhere, stranger appears out of nowhere, helps her take things to her apartment. . .etc.  The whole time through her experience, her brain is giving her clues that first things are not normal, then become more strange, and finally she knows she is unsafe. . .and it goes on.  

This story has stuck with me for a long time.  (I could give you more details if you really want to know but since this is my blog, don't feel like typing it out!).  It reminds me to pay attention.  The brain is more powerful than I give credit at times. . .now if I would just listen to what it tells me!!!  :)

I'm looking forward to reading more. . .want to be a faster reader as my book list just keeps getting bigger!!  There is training for this, so I hear!  And I have a couple books about the brain. . .can't wait to be fascinated!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Blogging. . .

Blogging. . .what is this really?  A chance to see more into the way my thoughts flow?  A chance to express what's going on?  A chance for me to let my thoughts flow. . .I like this.