Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I've been busy...

Quilting a baby quilt...frogs!!!!

making an Amy Butler coin purse out of my "little black dress" scraps!

Making the "Trip Around the World" quilt pattern for a class I get to teach!! You can make this too if you like!  Kits are being sold for this quilt at Stash (and I hear their online store will open soon!)

Riley Shedder would not get off this quilt...!!

Finished this bag, a Butterick Pattern.  I'll be making a scarf next!  But it is not quite done and maybe will get a big button or flower or...????  This may be headed to the auction though in support of Girls' Council.  

And a dear friend gets this lovely baby quilt for her soon to be little one!  I love this pattern, "Hip Baby" using "Little Black Dress".  

Always more to do...SEW glad sewing is one of my hobbies and a passion.  :) 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Stacks quilt top is complete!

Just needs backing and then off to the quilters!  I'm still not sure what I want for my backing...something fun and cheerful!

I really love Tula Pink's new line called "The Birds and the Bees".  Lovin' the colors.  This photo doesn't do the fabrics justice...

Lots on my mind lately...seems fitting for this "stacks" quilt.
Things pile up
sometimes get lost in shuffle
some taken off the shelf and dusted
some things stand out
some things make sense and some don't...

and it all seems like a balancing act...

I love to sew...

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Curious Nature Quilt

It's so nice to be doing some sewing again after a bit of a hiatus due to yard work, trips, daily grind, and just stuff!  I may need to start practicing sewing for 15 min. a day but I think I'd get sucked in and spend more time, which might not be a bad thing!!

The latest quilt top I've finished is called Curious Nature by David Butler and is a free pattern that can be found on the Free Spirit website at: click here to find!!

I LOVE it...fast, fun, and easy to make.

Curious Nature

Sunday, July 29, 2012

COLOR and Tula Pink!

Tula Pink
This weekend I had the pleasure of attending a workshop with Tula Pink (who can be found here).  She is one of my favorite fabric designers - such a unique and talented artist!  Last night's quilt class ended with Tula sharing about being a fabric designer and the process.  My favorite part was hearing Tula say "Every day I get up and try to do me as best as I can."

I think that's the best way to live life...being the best possible version of myself and putting 100% me into whatever I am up to.

Tula also stated that COLOR is the most important part of a fabric line.  I'd agree...my eyes are drawn to color first.

My stacks waiting to be made into pinwheels

Getting my quilter's facial...more steam please!!!  j/k!

My first pinwheel...

 This is a close-up of Tula's quilt called "Beanstocks".  I am so amazed at her quilter, Angela Walters (you can find her here).  Just got Angela's new book about machine quilting.  Can't wait to read it and start doing more quilting!
COLOR!!!!!  from Tula's Spacedust quilt

closer up of COLOR!!!!

And so...here I go...smiling about color, sewing, photography, and life.  Plan to blog more too...

Saturday, January 21, 2012


I can't believe how quickly this month is already moving!

I've gotten off track with blogging for a while.  I miss it.  There is something special about sharing what I love with others who love it too.

For today I have an article to share.  It's about Creative thinking...very good article, I think!
If you are someone who knows me, you know I think...A LOT!  This year I hope to put my thinking into creative avenues...