Wednesday, July 27, 2011

It's been one of those months....

that just flys by.  Where did the time go?

It's been a while since I posted here so I thought I'd say a quick hello and share a tidbit of happenings.

This month I took classes from Tula Pink in Sisters, OR.  Great times...Tula is awesome and I love her fabrics.

 Tula holding her amazing "Modern Alphabet" quilt.  Her quilter is AMAZING...
 Tula taught us how to bleach and dye fabric.  This fabric turned out amazing in every color...wish I had more of it!  If you know what it is and who makes it, please let me know!
Started my "Cartwheels" quilt pattern by Tula Pink.
 And finished 2 blocks in class!  I really love this quilt pattern.
 Last class I took was the Modern Alphabet.  I'm using Christmas fabric.  This photo spells out "DONT"...just need the apostrophe!
 Joined my first quilting bee.  I had month #1 and chose to use this merry-go-round pattern.  It's a fantastic block.
 Also part of another quilting bee and made 3 blocks.

 Went on a fun road trip over the river, through the woods, and to the city I go...really great trip with great friends.
Heard some Kenny Chesney and friends...
Good times.

Had fun doing another photoshoot for some pattern testing by my friend, Kristen...'s been a very busy month and I feel like I've hardly sewn!   Time to change all that!!!