Monday, May 17, 2010

Using Bubble Jet...

I love Bubble jet!!! My imagination keeps sharing all kinds of fun things I can do with it now that I know I can print on my own fabric...whatever I want. So far the only limitation I find is the size of each piece I can print due to the size of my printer.

In the photo below I created a diagram of what my quilt might look like using EQ6...ahhh...can't wait to get my hands on EQ7 soon! :) Certainly made it much easier following a diagram when putting my blocks up on the design wall.

And here is Natilee's quilt...moving fabric around to see how I like the placement. It's so nice to have helpful eyes of friends who can point out placement! Thanks ladies!!! Loved sewing with you all tonight!! :)

I'll take some close-up shots of the blocks I designed and printed myself later! I think my favorites are still the 9-patches...fabric design could be quite fun...if only I had better software! I designed my blocks in word...too bad this photo doesn't show the true cuteness of this fabric!

The block on the bottom left is part of the label I'll put on the back...printing the photo turned out really nice...oh the possibilities!!! :)

Can't wait to show you, Tami...I need ideas for quilting it!!!

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