Saturday, May 1, 2010

The language of beautiful

I stepped into my backyard long enough to take some photos this's cold out there!!! All week long I have been watching new growth on a specific tree. This tree has never done anything but dump needles all over beneath it for the past 3 yrs! Last fall it had a major trimming and vu-a-la...beautiful!

Recently I received a clothing ad booklet with the slogan... "The language of beautiful". I tore the page out and posted it on my fridge. Since then I've been thinking of this statement a lot - what is the language of beautiful? The next month another ad arrived...inside I found "treasure the beautiful".

I think this is my new theme for a while!! Growth is beautiful...


Nellie's Needles said...

Beautiful! I've never seen anything like that on an evergreen tree.

holly k said...

I should take a picture of the top of the's amazing how many of those little red shoots are's like a Christmas tree in May!!! :)