Saturday, May 8, 2010

Another church dash complete and other stuff!

Another round of blocks complete. One more month to go on this block exchange. I'll have to take a picture of all the different blocks I get back from this many different prints and colors!

I finished a few more colorful pillows a few weeks ago...haven't posted these yet. Still playing with which ones I'm grouping together and a few more to make. The bright colors are so cheery with my black and white. My favorite pillow so far is the black and white one. I just love the fabric so much... :)

Ahhh....and the start to another project for my living room. There is a lovely blue/yellow/green floral on cream patterned ottoman in the middle of my living room. It's getting a make-over!! It's had a tan ottoman cover on it for a while but looked terrible (the kind ordered from a magazine that say "one size fits all"!!) So far I've got the material cut and piping started. WOW...I haven't made piping for probably 7 yrs! (surprising I've even done it at all- I once had a bee in my bonnet to make a slipcover for a's never finished and of course matches nothing now so no reason to finish it!!)
I see my focus was not exactly on the point I wanted....perhaps a statement for many things in life!!

It's been a beautiful day...ended it with some fun at the annual Balloon Stampede Nightglow...

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