Wednesday, February 3, 2010

new techniques

Here it is....the funked out peasant blouse. I'm not as funked out as many of the other gals in my class. This pattern is a fun one. I've learned so may things from this class...not quite complete'll notice the neck is quite large. There is no elastic here yet and there is no bottom hem. I love this blouse. It's taught me how to place elastic with 3 different techniques. I've also learned how to place a zipper (have only done this one other time) and just basic pattern technique. I highly recommend taking as many sewing classes as possible! So much to learn! :) I'll have to post the final project when it is complete.

And here is the start to my "Hercules" quilt. It's using tri-rec rulers. This is certainly a lot more work making each of the blocks than I knew what I was getting myself into but well worth it when I am seeing the final result...

And, here is the start of putting it all together. I love this fabric and the colors are so yummy!
I have forgotten one of the middle star rows when I placed it up on the design wall...I was just so excited to get a photo before class was over. This pattern is from the book "Big Print Quilts".

Off to go sew!!

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