Monday, February 22, 2010

Sewing machine blues...

Well...machine had to go to the shop today for a bit of a spa day...just wasn't working quite right and tension was all crazy. on the sewing machine is on hold. (but ideas continue to keep swirling). Maybe I'll get more stuff cut out and maybe even dig out the old sewing machine!! This must be why I have not gotten rid of it yet! :)

One of my new favorite finds today is called Bubble Jet. It's going to let me print on my fabric from my home printer....I wonder how black and white photos will look...experimentation in the future!!

The weekends events have reminded me of how important awareness is. I'm watching the news right at the moment...haven't watched tv for a long time but with the Olympics going on, the tv has been on much more than usual.

Cats are chattering again now that the birds are out. I like this kind of entertainment for them!!

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