Saturday, May 28, 2011

Exciting news...

I have a strong passion for photography.  I take photos of what seems like everything and always wish I'd taken more.  My favorite things to photograph are finished projects (of course!), people, bugs, flowers, the shedders, and things that remind me of places I go and things I did!

Recently my friend, Kristen (find her here),  was a pattern tester for Patty Young's new pattern "Kyoko" (as announced here)...and I was quite excited when she asked me to take photos for her.  

Unfortunately it started raining 5 minutes into our photo session... location change!  But we still had a blast! :)

Patty's pattern has been released!!!!!   I had my first look the other day and wooooohoooo - there are quite a few pictures from our shoot!  It's quite exciting to see my friends on printed pages!!!  And I am inspired to keep learning more about my camera and how to get better photos (I don't like to edit and rarely do!).

And I even made my own shirt (see left!)...needs a few adjustments on the next one I make but so easy and very comfortable!!  And I'm not so afraid of sewing with knit anymore!!! :)  (Self portraits can be tricky!! lol!)

Find a Kyoko pattern ASAP and make your own!!  
And thanks Patty Young for another great design!

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