Sunday, January 25, 2009

Photos and family

This afternoon I was creating a special photo book for my niece who turns 7 next week.  As I looked back over the photos from her year at age 6, I was reminded of how much fun I have had watching her grow.  A few tears came to my eyes. . .not sure why. . .but I am glad I have had this time living here and experiencing life as "aunt Holly".  

I am sad that my nieces and nephews are aging. . .why can't they just stay in that cute innocent age between 2-5?!!  You know, the time when they say the funniest things, pronounce things funny.  I'm glad I have a few things recorded!  :)
Nick used to call me "aunt Hi"
Quin and I had the "snuggy buggies" and I called him "kitty witty"  
Peyton went through a hitting phase where she hit me everytime she saw me (good thing that's over!!!)
Lexi used to call me "alla" and then "all-e", now finally "Holly".  I love her hugs where she just throws her arms around my legs and doesn't let go!  (she's still in that cute innocent age!!).

If I NEVER become a parent, I will be glad to have experienced this part of life with my family. 

As for photos, I think I can never have too many!  When I was little I used to complain when dad would take photos of us.  Now I look forward to seeing them and wish I had more.  Time to put the scanner to use and scan away!!!  

I can't wait to get this book back from being printed.  I only hope my expectations are met of quality printing!!  Guess I'll find out soon enough! 

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